where can i buy your books?

Ideally I would recommend going to your local bookshop. If they do not have it you can order it for you. Big online retailers don’t have the personalised care and love that your local bookshop keepers have! And you will be supporting local businesses! Win win.

I have written a children’s story,can you illustrate it?

The talented Sarah McIntyre answers this very question but in a far more articulate way than me and with lots of tips and useful links for aspiring authors. You can read it here. But as a little additional personal note, I would add this:

First of all I would love to be able to take on lots of projects but there is only one of me and 24 hours in a day! if you have a story you would love to see published your first point of contact shouldn’t be an illustrator, but a publisher. They are the ones who will give your manuscript the dedication and love it needs in order to be published AND will also pair you with the right illustrator for your text . Publishers are constantly looking for new writing talent so be encouraged!

I would love to get started in the children’s illustration business, can you give me any advice?

Read lots and lots of children’s books! Invest time in bookshops and libraries. The picture book is a unique and very special format, so take time to familiarise yourself with it. There are some great resources that delve into this particular medium specifically. I particularly recommend the ones written by my former university tutor Martin Salisbury.

Some other really valuable online resources are:

  • The Picturebook Maker’s Blog

  • The AOI has done courses on Children’s Book Illustration in the past and it is an amazing resource for illustration in general. Do check their website and social media to keep updated on their courses and articles!